3 English Grammar Mcq (અંગ્રેજી વ્યાકરણ MCQ)

3 English Grammar Mcq
3 English Grammar Mcq

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નમસ્કાર મિત્રો ! આ પોસ્ટમાં તમે અંગ્રેજી વ્યાકરણ MCQ પ્રશ્નો અને જવાબો વાંચી શકશો. આ MCQ પ્રશ્નો સ્પર્ધાત્મક પરીક્ષાઓ માટે ઉપયોગી થશે.

વિષય :અંગ્રેજી વ્યાકરણ
ભાગ : 3
MCQ :101 થી 150
3 English Grammar Mcq

3 English Grammar Mcq (101 To 110)

(101) Valley શબ્દનો ગુજરાતી શબ્દ લખો.

(A) ખાડો

(B) નદી

(C) સાગર

(D) ખીણ

Ans : (D) ખીણ

(102) He is the man…………I know, you can trust completely.

(A) whom

(B) whose

(C) who

(D) which

Ans : (A) whom

(103) Give the adjective form of prevent.

(A) prevention

(B) preventive

(C) preventful

(D) preventous

Ans : (B) preventive

(104) Neither the man nor his wife…………….at home yesterday.

(A) is

(B) are

(C) was

(D) were

Ans : (C) was

(105) Which sentence is wrong?

3 English Grammar Mcq
3 English Grammar Mcq

(A) I shall show you the way.

(B) I have shown the way.

(C) I shown you the way

(D) I must show you the way.

Ans : (C) I shown you the way

(106) What does a dentist do to a bad tooth?

(A) takes it off

(B) takes it in

(C) takes it away

(D) takes it out

Ans : (D) takes it out

(107) Raju was suspended………..

(A) in order to his regularity

(B) inspite of his regularity

(C) because of his regularity

(D) due to his regularity

Ans : (B) inspite of his regularity

(108) here is the cupboard…………….

(A) by which he has taken out the paper

(B) on which he has taken out the paper

(C) in which he has taken out the paper

(D) from which he has taken out the paper

Ans : (D) from which he has taken out the paper

(109) Bhagwandas, desiring…………a lot of money, went to London.

(A) to be earned

(B) earned

(C) to earning

(D) to earn

Ans : (D) to earn

(110) My handwriting is better than………….

(A) her

(B) hers

(C) her’s

(D) hers’

Ans : (B) hers

3 English Grammar Mcq (111 To 120)

(111) Very few actresses were…………Madhubala.

(A) mora talented

(B) the most talented

(C) so talented as

(D) less talented than

Ans : (C) so talented as

(112) Replace the underlined part with correct option.

(1) We are greatly exhausted after driving for hours together.
3 English Grammar Mcq

(A) bored

(B) extinguished

(C) enlighted

(D) tired

Ans : (D) tired

(113) Which means the same as approch

(A) to go round

(B) to go out

(C) to go towards

(D) to go down

Ans : (C) to go towards

(114) Manhar is the person……….. is taking over my job next week.

(A) who

(B) what

(C) how

(D) which

Ans : (A) who

(115) Kundan couldn’t imagine…………….. he would be able to find the courage to fight.

(A) what

(B) how

(C) which

(D) where

Ans : (B) how

(116) By six o’clock tomorrow, I’LL…………..finished my report.

(A) has

(B) been

(C) have

(D) may

Ans : (C) have

(117) He doesn’t seem to be here. He…………..out.

(A) must have gone

(B) must be going

(C) must go

(D) must have been going

Ans : (A) must have gone

(118) My parents have been married………….forty-nine years.

(A) since

(B) for

(C) until

(D) till

Ans : (B) for

(119) My fingers were injured so my sister had to write the note…………….me.

(A) for

(B) with

(C) to

(D) from

Ans : (A) for

(120) The baby…………… soundly even when the…………next door play noisily.

(A) sleep, childs

(B) sleeps, children

(C) sleeps, child

(D) sleep, children

Ans : (B) sleeps, children

3 English Grammar Mcq (121 To 130)

(121) We were not alone in the room. He sat………………me. There were others there……………us.

(A) be, besides

(B) besides, beside

(C) next, between

(D) by, besides

Ans : (D) by, besides

(122) By the time we reach there, the store……………..(close).

(A) will close

(B) will have closed

(C) closed

(D) were to close

Ans : (B) will have closed

(123) Choose the word/phrase that best connects the sentences.

(1) We should be doing something about this. We are doing nothing.

(A) Moreover

(B) On the contrary

(C) Next

(D) Lastly

Ans : (B) On the contrary

(124) Choose the word/phrase that best connects the sentences.

(1) The historical sciences have made us very conscious of our past. Some scholars tend to study this.

(A) For this reason

(B) For no reason

(C) Finally

(D) Similarly

Ans : (A) For this reason

(125) Choose the word/phrase that best connects the sentences.

(1) The computer was originally designed for complicated calculations in the 1930s. It became a part of our lives.

(A) Henceforth

(B) Later

(C) Because

(D) Albeit

Ans : (B) Later

(126) Choose the word/phrase that best connects the sentences.

(1) Ambiguity of thoughts can lead to disaster.

(A) Rigidity

(B) confusion

(C) certainty

(D) rationality

Ans : (C) certainty

(127) Use a phrasal verb closed in meaning to the words given in the brackets. (1) It’s too cold in here. Shall I……………..( increase the temperature) the heating?

(A) get up

(B) turn up

(C) turn on

(D) put on

Ans : (B) turn up

(128) Use a phrasal verb closed in meaning to the words given in the brackets. (1) What does this word mean? I’II………..it…………..(find its meaning) in the dictionary.

(A) look, up

(B) look, in

(C) look, out

(D) look, for

Ans : (A) look, up

(129) Fill in the blank.

(1) adjective form of enemy is……………

(A) enemity

(B) enimical

(C) inimical

(D) enimic

Ans : (C) inimical

(130) Verb form of ‘poor’ is……..

(A) to poorise

(B) poorly

(C) to impoverish

(D) poverty

Ans : (C) to impoverish

3 English Grammar Mcq (131 To 140)

(131) નીચેના શબ્દોને અંગ્રેજી શબ્દકોશના કક્કાવારી ક્રમ પ્રમાણે ગોઠવો.

(1) Epitaxy (2) Episode (3) Epigene (4) Epitome
3 English Grammar Mcq

(A) 1,2,3,4

(B) 3,2,4,1

(C) 3,2,1,4

(D) 4,2,1,3

Ans : (C) 3,2,1,4

(132) Find correct spelling:

(A) Perseverence

(B) Perseverance

(C) Perseveranse

(D) Parseverence

Ans : (B) Perseverance

(133) Put proper article:

(1) ………….little information he had was not quite reliable.

(A) A

(B) An

(C) The

(D) Article not required

Ans : (C) The

(134) Match offspring of animals:

(1) Ass(A) Colt/filly
(2) Hare(B) foal
(3) Stag(C) fawn
(4) Horse(D) Leveret
3 English Grammar Mcq

(A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d

(B) 1-d, 2-b, 3-a, 4-c

(C) 1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-d

(D) 1-b, 2-d, 3-c, 4-a

Ans : (D) 1-b, 2-d, 3-c, 4-a

(135) Feminine gender of ‘Bachelor’ is………….

(A) Student

(B) Merried

(C) Spinster

(D) Girl

Ans : (C) Spinster

(136) Fill in the blank.

(1) Come …….., please.

(A) hear

(B) their

(C) hither

(D) hear and their both

Ans : (C) hither

(137) Give synonym of: Contemplate

(A) Condemn

(B) Meditate

(C) Menuplate

(D) None of above

Ans : (B) Meditate

(138) Give a single word for:

(1) ‘A place where dead bodies are kept before burial or cremation

(A) Arsenal

(B) Creche

(C) Asylum

(D) A mortuary

Ans : (D) A mortuary

(139) Fill in the blank.

(1) Go back…………you came.

(A) where

(B) thence

(C) whence

(D) why

Ans : (C) whence

(140) Fill in the blank.

(1) A true……..is one who keeps one’s country’s secret to oneself.

(A) confident

(B) confidunt

(C) confidant

(D) A conffident

Ans : (C) confidant

3 English Grammar Mcq (141 To 150)

(141) Fill in the blank:

(1) ………..I in his place, I would not do it.

(A) Am

(B) Was

(C) Had

(D) Were

Ans : (D) Were

(142) Fill in the blank.

(1) He, as well as his friends……………to my place everyday.

(A) are coming

(B) comes

(C) come

(D) were coming

Ans : (B) comes

(143) Give plural form of ‘man-servant’

(A) Man-servants

(B) Men-servant

(C) Men-servants

(D) Mans-servants

Ans : (C) Men-servants

(144) Fill in the blank.

(1) He has been living in Bombay………….last ten years.

(A) for

(B) by

(C) since

(D) before

Ans : (C) since

(145) Who taught you French? (Change the voice)

3 English Grammar Mcq
3 English Grammar Mcq

(A) By whom were you taught French?

(B) Who was taught French by You?

(C) By whom was eFrench tought to you

(D) Whom did you teach French?

Ans : (A) By whom were you taught French?

(146) Change the degree: 

(1) ‘He plays better than Rohan’

(A) Rohan plays as well as he.

(B) Rohan does not play so well as he.

(C) He does not play so good as Rohan

(D) Rohan plays as good as he.

Ans : (B) Rohan does not play so well as he.

(147) Make exclamatory sentence.

(1) ‘It is a great pity.”

(A) What a pity!

(B) What a great pity is it!

(C) How pity is it!

(D) How grat it is!

Ans : (A) What a pity!

(148) Fill in the blank.

(1) Everybody likes……. simplicity.

(A) childist

(B) childish

(C) childlike

(D) childs

Ans : (C) childlike

(149) Fill in the gap.

(1) Car: Garage :: Aeroplane : ……………..

(A) Port

(B) Depot

(C) Hangar

(D) Harbour

Ans : (C) Hangar

(150) Fill in the gap.

(1) Our freedom fighters had………….many hardships.

(A) born

(B) borne

(C) bourn

(D) bourne

Ans : (B) borne

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