1 English Grammar Mcq (અંગ્રેજી વ્યાકરણ MCQ)

1 English Grammar Mcq
1 English Grammar Mcq

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નમસ્કાર મિત્રો ! આ પોસ્ટમાં તમે અંગ્રેજી વ્યાકરણ MCQ પ્રશ્નો અને જવાબો વાંચી શકશો. આ MCQ પ્રશ્નો સ્પર્ધાત્મક પરીક્ષાઓ માટે ઉપયોગી થશે.

વિષય :અંગ્રેજી વ્યાકરણ
ભાગ : 1 (પ્રથમ)
MCQ :1 થી 50
1 English Grammar Mcq

1 English Grammar Mcq (1 To 10)

(1) He was……………Napoleon of his age.

(A) a

(B) the

(C) an

(D) none

Ans : (B) the

(2) Find the Nearest meaning of “Devour”

(A) Came off

(B) Eat greedily

(C) Eat cowedly

(D) All Types

Ans : (B) Eat greedily

(3) The Chief, with all his subordinates………. massacred.

(A) were

(B) have been

(C) was

(D) are

Ans : (C) was

(4) Forty thousand rupees………a large sum.

(A) are

(B) is

(C) were

(D) been

Ans : (B) is

(5) …………. water runs always deep.

(A) Still

(B) Steal

(C) Stile

(D) Steel

Ans : (A) Still

(6) Vote and…………. for me, please.

(A) canvass

(B) canvas

(C) canvas

(D) canvased

Ans : (A) canvass

(7) I cannot………to your request.

(A) acid

(B) aced

(C) accede

(D) exceeds

Ans : (C) accede

(8) Find the appropriate option for the underlined part:

(1) He was reared by his uncle and aunt.
1 English Grammar Mcq

(A) Grown by

(B) Brought up

(C) Back-viewed

(D) grew up

Ans : (B) Brought up

(9) Give the adjective form of ‘Enemy’

(A) Enimical

(B) Enmity

(C) Inimical

(D) Endemical

Ans : (C) Inimical

(10) Fill the gap.

(1) Oxygen: Burn :: Carbon dioxide:…………
1 English Grammar Mcq

(A) Isolate

(B) Foam

(C) Extinguish

(D) Explode

Ans : (C) Extinguish

1 English Grammar Mcq (11 To 20)

(11) The moon has hid………..face behind a cloud.

(A) his

(B) her

(C) its

(D) my

Ans : (B) her

1 English Grammar Mcq
1 English Grammar Mcq

(12) The antonym of ‘Democracy’ is……………

(A) Autocracy

(B) Presidency

(C) Theocracy

(D) Secular

Ans : (A) Autocracy

(13) Find the correct spelling of the word for ‘Generations’.

(A) Contemporaries

(B) Contemprories

(C) Contamporaries

(D) Contempraries

Ans : (A) Contemporaries

(14) The statue was……..with leaves of gold.

(A) golded

(B) gilded

(C) guilded

(D) goldded

Ans : (B) gilded

(15) He is blind. He can see with……….of his eyes.

(A) neither

(B) either

(C) both

(D) any

Ans : (A) neither

(16) He put on a new shirt yesterday, ………..he?

(A) doesn’t

(B) didn’t

(C) did

(D) hasn’t

Ans : (B) didn’t

(17) They…………….a new business for five years.

(A) have been starting

(B) have started

(C) started

(D) did started

Ans : (B) have started

(18) When I was a child, I …………. under this banyan tree.

(A) were playing

(B) have been playing

(C) had been Playing

(D) were playing

Ans : (C) had been Playing

(19) You…………. permission of your parents before taking such an important dicision.

(A) should have seek

(B) should sick

(C) should have sought

(D) should have saught

Ans : (C) should have sought

(20) select the most opposite word in meaning to ‘inadvertently’

(A) Sensibly

(B) indifferently

(C) Knowingly

(D) Unwittingly

Ans : (C) Knowingly

1 English Grammar Mcq (21 To 30)

(21) Find the correct spelling for a respiratory disease.

(A) Neumonia

(B) Numonia

(C) Pneumonia

(D) Pnumoniya

Ans : (C) Pneumonia

(22) Pintu is an………. child with a violent temper.

(A) obedient

(B) obstinate

(C) honourable

(D) obeying

Ans : (B) obstinate

(23) Find the nearest meaning of ‘Embrace’

(A) Exclude

(B) Throw out

(C) Turn out

(D) include

Ans : (D) include

(24) …………is a word which expresses some sudden feelings.

(A) A conjunction

(B) A preposition

(C) A noun

(D) An interjection

Ans : (D) An interjection

(25) Ours is a……..school

(A) girls

(B) girls’

(C) girl’s

(D) boys

Ans : (A) girls

(26) My uncle lives in the………….house. (Use the proper form of nigh)

(A) next

(B) nigher

(C) Near

(D) nearest

Ans : (A) next

(27) Both the tiger and the leopard are cats; the former animal is much larger than the……….

(A) later

(B) letter

(C) latter

(D) later

Ans : (C) latter

(28) ………friends he has are all poor.

(A) Few

(B) A Few

(C) Fewer

(D) The Few

Ans : (D) The Few

(29) Give the first Verb form of: bereft

(A) bereave

(B) bear

(C) barefoot

(D) beareve

Ans : (A) bereave

(30) Select single word for the following phrase:

“Government based on religion”.
1 English Grammar Mcq

(A) Diarchy

(B) Theocracy

(C) Plutocracy

(D) Aristocracy

Ans : (B) Theocracy

1 English Grammar Mcq (31 To 40)

(31) Give opposite gender for: ‘Bullock”

(A) heifer

(B) bully

(C) calf

(D) colt

Ans : (A) heifer

(32) Select single word for the following phrase:

“That which cannot be rubbed off.”
1 English Grammar Mcq

(A) Incredible

(B) Indelible

(C) Inedible

(D) Grabbable

Ans : (B) Indelible

(33) Change into passive voice:

(1) They asked me my name.
1 English Grammar Mcq

(A) My name is asked by them

(B) I asked my name by them

(C) I was asked my name by them

(D) I am asked my name by them

Ans : (C) I was asked my name by them

(34) Find correct spelling.

(A) etiquete

(B) ettiquette

(C) etiquette

(D) ettiquete

Ans : (C) etiquette

(35) Give plural form of: ‘index (sign in algebra)

(A) indices

(B) indexese

(C) indesis

(D) indexis

Ans : (A) indices

(36) Put Proper Question tag :

(1) Everyone stood up, ……………?
1 English Grammar Mcq

(A) didn’t they

(B) did he

(C) wasn’t he

(D) were they

Ans : (A) didn’t they

(37) My work……………over, I rushed out to play cricket.

(A) has been

(B) had being

(C) have been

(D) having been

Ans : (D) having been

(38) Both the tiger and the leopard are cats; the former animal is much larger than the……….(late)

(A) latter

(B) later

(C) letar

(D) letter

Ans : (A) latter

(39) Change the degree:

(1) Ashoka was one of the greatest kings.
1 English Grammar Mcq

(A) No other king was so great as Ashoka.

(B) Very few kings were as great as Ashoka.

(C) Ashoka was greater than any other king.

(D) Some other kings were as greater as Ashoka.

Ans : (B) Very few kings were as great as Ashoka.

(40) Give the Noun form of: dig

(A) digestion

(B) ditch

(C) digestion

(D) death

Ans : (B) ditch

1 English Grammar Mcq (41 To 50)

(41) The novelist and poet…………. dead.

(A) are

(B) were

(C) is

(D) have

Ans : (C) is

(42) God……………those who love the poor people.

(A) loves

(B) love

(C) loving

(D) loved

Ans : (A) loves

(43) His ears…………to know about his result.

(A) will being burned

(B) were burning

(C) will burn

(D) all the three

Ans : (B) were burning

(44) Turn into active voice.

(1) ‘Ugly ducklings have to be found by you.
1 English Grammar Mcq

(A) you have found Ugly ducklings.

(B) you have to find Ugly ducklings.

(C) you have to been found Ugly ducklings.

(D) you have to been found Ugly ducklings.

Ans : (B) you have to find Ugly ducklings.

(45) I am going to buy some vegetables. – add question tag.

(A) ainn’t

(B) am I

(C) is I

(D) ain’t I

Ans : (D) ain’t I

(46) While targeting the goal of life, he met………….triumph and disaster.

(A) after

(B) with

(C) whirls

(D) for

Ans : (B) with

(47) I want to learn French language from the person………..is experienced.

(A) what

(B) which

(C) who

(D) all the three

Ans : (C) who

(48) He is utmost confident and sure………. succeed.

(A) with

(B) by

(C) to

(D) none of above

Ans : (C) to

(49) ……………a rich fellow, he never helps needy people.

(A) Being

(B) Be

(C) Became

(D) Become

Ans : (A) Being

1 English Grammar Mcq
1 English Grammar Mcq

(50) He cooked food for the family……….it was midnight.

(A) till

(B) instead of

(C) rather

(D) by

Ans : (A) till

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