Ordinal Numbers 1 to 100

Ordinal Numbers 1 to 100
Ordinal Numbers 1 to 100

Ordinal numbers are the numbers which indicate the exact position of something or someone at a place. If the number of objects/persons are specified in a list: the position of the objects/persons is defined by ordinals. The adjective terms which are used to denote the order of something are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and so on


  • Kamal came first in class
  • Vaishali was the third girl standing in a row
  • Manish stays on the fourth floor of the apartment
  • The table is kept at the sixteenth position in the display of the shop

Ordinal Numbers 1 to 100

1st: first
2nd: second
3rd: third
4th: fourth
5th: fifth
6th: sixth
7th: seventh
8th: eighth
9th: ninth
10th: tenth
11th: eleventh
12th: twelfth
13th: thirteenth
14th: fourteenth
15th: fifteenth
16th: sixteenth
17th: seventeenth
18th: eighteenth
19th: nineteenth
20th: twentieth
21st: Twenty-First
22nd: Twenty-Second
23rd: Twenty-Third
24th: Twenty-Fourth
25th: Twenty-Fifth
26th: Twenty-Sixth
27th: Twenty-Seventh
28th: Twenty-Eighth
29th: Twenty-Ninth
30th: Thirtieth
31st: Thirty-First
32nd: Thirty-Second
33rd: Thirty-Third
34th: Thirty-Fourth
35th: Thirty-Fifth
36th: Thirty-Sixth
37th: Thirty-Seventh
38th: Thirty-Eighth
39th: Thirty-Ninth
40th: Fortieth
41st: Forty-First
42nd: Forty-Second
43rd: Forty-Third
44th: Forty-Fourth
45th: Forty-Fifth
46th: Forty-Sixth
47th: Forty-Seventh
48th: Forty-Eighth
49th: Forty-Ninth
50th: Fiftieth
51st: Fifty-First
52nd: Fifty-Second
53rd: Fifty-Third
54th: Fifty-Fourth
55th: Fifty-Fifth
56th: Fifty-Sixth
57th: Fifty-Seventh
58th: Fifty-Eighth
59th: Fifty-Ninth
60th: Sixtieth
61st: Sixty-First
62nd: Sixty-Second
63rd: Sixty-Third
64th: Sixty-Fourth
65th: Sixty-Fifth
66th: Sixty-Sixth
67th: Sixty-Seventh
68th: Sixty-Eighth
69th: Sixty-Ninth
70th: Seventieth
71st: Seventy-First
72nd: Seventy-Second
73rd: Seventy-Third
74th: Seventy-Fourth
75th: Seventy-Fifth
76th: Seventy-Sixth
77th: Seventy-Seventh
78th: Seventy-Eighth
79th: Seventy-Ninth
80th: Eightieth
81st: Eighty-First
82nd: Eighty-Second
83rd: Eighty-Third
84th: Eighty-Fourth
85th: Eighty-Fifth
86th: Eighty-Sixth
87th: Eighty-Seventh
88th: Eighty-Eighth
89th: Eighty-Ninth
90th: Ninetieth
91st: Ninety-First
92nd: Ninety-Second
93rd: Ninety-Third
94th: Ninety-Fourth
95th: Ninety-Fifth
96th: Ninety-Sixth
97th: Ninety-Seventh
98th: Ninety-Eighth
99th: Ninety-Ninth
100th: Hundredth
1000th: Thousandth

The other two types of numbers, which are used to represent objects or people are:

  • Cardinal Numbers
  • Nominal Numbers

Cardinal Numbers: The counting numbers which are used to represent the number of objects or people are called Cardinal numbers. They are: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten and so on.


  • There are ten men standing in a row.
  • The basket contains twelve apples.

Nominal Numbers: The numbers which are applied to name the objects in a group, are called nominal numbers. Using these numbers, it is easy to identify objects or a thing in a collection of things.


  • Vehicles number like CB 081008, etc
  • Pincodes of different cities